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I have created over 100 WordPress websites, and counting. My love for design and extensive experience gives me all the skill, determination and gees I need to create beautiful websites.

I am further inspired by my wonderful array of clients and businesses I meet along the way.

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I am proud to showcase my latest work here. You can read more about the design highlights, tips and challenges for each project.

This is a membership-based website with 3 different membership tiers. Membership registration is captured and includes online payments. International events are listed with multi-currency and tiered payment options for both members and non-members. The website also includes member-only content and directory. There have been so many technical elements that all needed to come together for this new business website.

When I was introduced to Sarah of The Upholstery Artist (UK) it was because she was having issues with her Google Business page listing. After digging around it became clear that many elements of her website were out of date. Security and version issues here were causing problems with her Google Business page. WordPress & hosting updates, new theme and updated plugins and she’s all sorted now.

4 Strangers walk into a room. A client, a designer, a copywriter and a dev. We sat around a table for 8 solid hours, collaboratively spinning through perpetual rounds of brief, design & revert. By 5:30pm our client, an emerging entrepreneur from Langa, walked away with brand new CI, a new logo, business cards and a fully fledged website.

All-in-one Design & Development

All-in-one Design & Development

Business Process, Design & Development rolled into one

Straddling the spheres between coding and graphic design I offer a unique all-in-one website creation product.

Intelligent design with an eye for the visually appealing matched with experienced frontend coding ensures a professional website that considers your business needs as well as that of  your user.

From a technical aspect I ensure that your website is quick to load and mobile responsive. A combination of correctly edited media and a choice of themes and plugins that support security and sitespeed.

Included in every new website are comprehensive tailor-made handover documents with all you will need to manage and maintain your new website.







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I’ve observed the need from new businesses and entrepreneurs who just want
a simple website, nothing fancy and
not too expensive.
I can help!
I have put together a special templated package that will that you online quickly, professionally and affordably.