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I have created over 100 WordPress websites, and counting. My love for design and extensive experience gives me all the skill, determination and gees I need to create beautiful websites.

I am further inspired by my wonderful array of clients and businesses I meet along the way.

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I am proud to showcase my latest work here. You can read more about the design highlights, tips and challenges for each project.

This is a rebuild of an existing WordPress website. A highlight of this design is the interactivity of the website. I took it from a flat and static website to a design that is modern and engaging. The colour pallete and animation give this website a depth that draws you in to content that is easily accessible.

This project required a custom build for the auction pages. A special section for admin staff to enter content specific to their auctions and the ability to display it neatly on the front end. Expired auctions automatically move the the “past” section making is easy to maintain current and old content. Special PDFs for all the industry auctions were added and have the ability to scroll though or download.

Monkeybiz is a non-profit organisation supporting & empowering 300 registered beaders. This website is an e-Commerce website with an online-shop of around 200 products. The products are listed as and sold in ZAR in South Africa and in USD-$ around the rest of the world. Multi-currency and multi-payment gateway that geolocates the customer’s location. Donation options are available. The website also hosts bio’s of featured artists and some of their high-profile commissions.

All-in-one Design & Development

All-in-one Design & Development

Business Process, Design & Development rolled into one

Straddling the spheres between coding and graphic design I offer a unique all-in-one website creation product.

Intelligent design with an eye for the visually appealing matched with experienced frontend coding ensures a professional website that considers your business needs as well as that of  your user.

From a technical aspect I ensure that your website is quick to load and mobile responsive. A combination of correctly edited media and a choice of themes and plugins that support security and sitespeed.

Included in every new website are comprehensive tailor-made handover documents with all you will need to manage and maintain your new website.







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I’ve observed the need from new businesses and entrepreneurs who just want
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