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Creating beautiful websites that are easy to use & accessible to all

Specialising in WordPress websites for its ease of use, popularity with developers & an incredibly wide range of free & commercial themes & plugins that can easily be used to add value to your site from fully managed eCommerce websites to online bookings for accommodation, restaurants & spas to community forums & much more.

I have 10 years experience in web development project management, website design, proven successes in online marketing & have managed a successful ecommerce retail businesses.

I have developed a passion for customer services, a keen eye in user experience, & have practical experience in operations & logistics within the eCommerce sector.

With this experience I am able to offer a holistic approach to creating & setting up websites: Affordably & Successfully!

Jolene Thompson


Lover of dogs, beer, beaches, mountains, coffee, being barefoot & not necessarily in that order

I love photography & naturally I’m a massive instagram fan. There you will find me recording moments of joy, love, inspiration & fun in real time. Experiencing the beauty of Cape Town; barefoot, carefree & mostly on the beach: Jolene on Instagram