This has been one of the more complex websites I have created. There have been so many technical elements that all needed to come together for this new business website.

This is a membership-based website with 3 different membership tiers. Membership registration is done online with member-specific data captured and the ability to pay online. Member details are verified by admin before being confirmed to retain control and ensure the member-base retains integrity.

The company hosts events in countries all over Africa. Each event is listed on the website and has varied pricing tiers depending on membership levels or for non-members. Promo codes are created for certain events. Events are automatically moved to “past events” after the event date to a separate page so that admin have one less website maintenance task to perform.

Each membership option and each event supports multi-currency (auto-detected depending on the country where one is viewing), country-specific tax rules and multiple payment gateway options (also country specific).

Attendee details for events are captured and available to sponsors depending upon permission options at check-out.

An existing database of members was imported and allocated a membership level.

Research, white papers, event decks and other corporate travel resources were made available within the site using custom-post types to allow for specific data input by admin and a new template created for user consumption on the front-end (including intuitive search / filtering of content.) Resources assigned “public” or “member-only” to protect membership-specific content.

A member directory was also created using custom-post type. This again creates a space for specific data input fields and display on the front-end. Also search and sortable.

Reporting / order exporting specific to the needs of this site were also created as were edits to WordPress email templates for a more professional and user-friendly experience.

Design-wise, this site is for corporate business travellers all over Africa and aligns itself with that market.

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