4 Strangers walk into a room. A client, a designer, a copywriter and a dev. We sat around a table for 8 solid hours, collaboratively spinning through perpetual rounds of brief, design & revert. By 5:30pm our client, an emerging entrepreneur from Langa, walked away with brand new CI, a new logo, business cards and a fully fledged website.

My contribution was putting the heart and soul of this business online, using the beautifully written content from the copywriter and the wonderfully designed graphics (logo, icons, backgrounds) from the designer – and we did everything, together, in 1 day!

It was absolute pleasure working with the other volunteers – you can only imagine the energy in the room. There were a number of these satellite teams all in full swing yesterday. An unbelievable experience! And all for a good cause. #designagainstpoverty

High Fives Everyone!!


Design challenge here was being given a WP installation, with predetermined theme and plugins and being able to create something amazing with the tools & time provided, within limited control / access. An interesting challenge for sure, but one that didn’t present any major issues.