This existing WordPress website needed a revamp. Happily though we were able to update the site and the theme files and use those to recreate the look and feel.

The benefits of this was that the team did not have to buy or learn a new theme. All the content remained in the site. Every page was redesigned thought so that it looks completely different from before and the navigation was overhauled in order to make it easier for the user.

This just goes to show the customisability of WordPress themes, if you know what you are doing.

I edited and added new sliders to the home page and all the high-leve pages fiving the website a completely new look & feel.

One of the highlights for me, on this project was being able to reduce the overall file size of the website from 48GB down to 12.5GB. This relates directly to a monthly hosting saving of R250/month over and above the quoted deliverables.