And old WordPress website that had a virus.

Hacking is a growing concern for online businesses. As attacks adapt and become ever more sophisticated by the day, it is more important than ever to take measures to protect your website against hidden viruses and malicious software.

This website was manually cleaned up, the virus removed and all old, vulnerable software removed. Defences were put in place utilising the latest security software to prevent hackers from regaining access to this site. A full system scan has been added that will run at every update.

All content was securely retained and therefore no SEO damage to urls or content came about.

The entire website was redesigned with a new, modern theme. Careful consideration was given to site speed to further assist with organic SEO efforts.

Lead-generation was at the top of the client list and you will find lead-gen forms everywhere on the website, while maintaining a non-spammy yet professional appearance.

If you want your WordPress website updated feel free to contact me.