Stay Rad

Creating beautiful websites that are easy to use & accessible to all

Specialising in WordPress websites for its ease of use, popularity with developers & an incredibly wide range of free & commercial themes & plugins that can easily be used to add value to your site from fully managed eCommerce websites to online bookings for accommodation, restaurants & spas to community forums & much more.

Domains & Hosting

Your website, securely hosted at affordable rates

Domains: Have you already registered a domain or do you need to set one up? Do you .com or your domain? Do you need SSL certificate or not? I can help you answer all of these questions at the beginning of the project.

Hosting: What is the difference between registering a domain & hosting & why do you have to pay monthly for your hosting? What do you look for in a hosting company & since there are so many options, how will you choose the best one for you? I work with many hosting companies & have settled on a preferred supplier who is an expert in & focussed on all things WordPress, has excellent customer services & great rates too. Contact me for more info.

WordPress Websites

Design, development, support & maintenance.

WordPress Websites: I only work on  self-hosted WordPress websites (what’s the difference?). This gives you far more flexibility in terms of functionality, design & security, not to mention your all important SEO. There is very little WordPress cannot do & with each passing day new developments & plugins are released offering even greater functionality & ease of use, so chat to me today about what you have in mind for your website.

WordPress Management Service: For a regular monthly fee I will proactively login & update your WordPress core files, plugins & theme – either on a fixed date or as core updates occur. I will create a back up of your site to ensure a smooth update.

WordPress is the most popular content management system worldwide. When you keep your WordPress website updated, it’s also among the most secure. But if you neglect the updates, your WordPress website is at risk from attacks, vulnerabilities & inconveniences. I offer proactive updates to your WordPress website on a subscription basis. Select your package & feel secure knowing your website is always up to date.

On-page SEO, Keyword Research & Optimisation

Stay Rad websites are accessible to a relevant segment of the market – your customers

If you are serious about SEO then we can work together to research & choose your keywords for your website. We can build pages & content around that & ensure that each page is optimised for both Search Engines, & ultimately your end user as that is what you are trying to achieve here.

Your website will be installed with user-friendly SEO plugin & I will use it to optimise your page for your chosen keywords. At website handover stage I will show you how to use the plugin so that you can keep your website SEO friendly.

eCommerce, secure online sales, subscriptions, donations & bookings

Monetise your website with safe, secure integrations to your trusted online payment gateway.

There are many reasons a website can take money. You could be running an online retail store, offering services, online courses, downloadable eBooks, tickets to events… the options are endless.

WordPress together with WooCommerce makes it very easy to set up shop with built-in stock management, order processing, reporting & automated email communications between you & your customer.

You are able to offer your customers a safe online shopping experience by integrating with your preferred online payment gateway. If you have no idea what this means, chat to me & I will show you the options so that you can make an informed decision.

Newsletters: setup, integration & design.

Communicate with your customer base with ease

Whether you have an existing database or are starting from scratch, I can help you set up your mailing list. I have designed many email campaigns & have created templates that can easily be populated without the need for custom coding each newsletter.

PDFs: Branded, interactive business templates.

Beautifully designed and completely interactive PDFs that take your client communication to the next level.

Boost your business communication with clear branded recognition and authority using bespoke, tailor-made PDF documents that deliver your message, request client information or collate any other content with standardised, easy to use and completely interactive pdf documents.