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Here are some regular questions I have been asked over the years as well as some extra information you might find insightful. I do get into more detail in my proposals – and while each project is unique there is some information I can share with you upfront. If there’s anything you want to know that’s not listed here, just ask. You can click here to get to my contact form.

Your Brief.
Firstly, I need a brief from you. This is because I need to know what you are looking for (or what you don’t know you are looking for). Every brief is different. Sometimes all you need is simple updating. Maybe you need some new content. A big functionality add-on like e-Commerce facilites.  Sometimes it’s all of the above. Because of this, the development fee I charge for each job is based on your unique brief and considers the deadline, volume and scope of work.

My Proposal.
I take considerable time to understand your requirements, I research them and from there I produce a quality tailor-made proposal for you. This is not a simple quote. In it I outline the project roadmap and I explain exactly what work I will be doing, including a specific list of deliverables. This is like a check list of the whole job, so we all know what is and isn’t included. I’ll also include the price set out as a development fee, as well as my full T&Cs. I have nothing to hide, I believe in complete transparency, so I am happy to show you my T&Cs upfront if you’d like:  you can read here.

50% Deposit.
Before I schedule any project into my calendar, I’ll need proof of payment of a 50% deposit. In addition, all the other “client deliverables” will need to be sent to me. This includes your content and relevant logins to your website. In my proposal, I will mention my availability and expected turnaround times based on when the deposit is paid. If the deposit is late, the timeline naturally shifts.

Work In Progress.
Once the above has been received I’ll start working on your project and I will keep you updated throughout. I use my development domain to create your new website. Where there is an existing website that requires major updates / ads or changes I will copy it over to my development domain and do all the work there to ensure that you have no down-time while I work. This is where the magic happens. I will work through all the points in your brief (this is why the brief is so important) and evolve the website to near-completed state; which is as far as I can go before needing your input for visual or content adjustments.

Once the website is ready for review I will send you the link. My proposals typically include 2 rounds of changes: the first is a conceptual change and the second is for any tweaks we might have missed the first time round. Swift and considered reverts will assist us both reaching a polished product. But depending on the job, we might need to discuss adding extra changes at extra charges.

Handover and Copyright.
My copyright applies to all work until final payment is made. This final payment is due on the day the website goes live. Once your new website is live, I create handover documentation that includes all the logins and website tutorials you need to begin working with your website.

After Sales Support.
Included in the development fee is 3 hours of support and maintenance in the first month the website is live. Thereafter you are welcome to select a support and maintenance option that suites your requirements  & budget. Click here to view.

I Create WordPress Websites.
I have spent around 6 years creating WordPress websites. The progression in functionality and design from the early days to now has been enormous. So many new page-builders and additional design capabilities. As time passes there is so much more that can be achieved, making the work I do incredibly rewarding. The WordPress websites I create range in size and complexity. I turnaround small brochure websites in under 2 days. I also enjoy getting stuck into more complex websites for example I have created e-Commerce websites that have membership functionality, multi-currency with multiple-payment gateways. There is so much we can achieve – let your imagination guide you! Have a peak at some of my work here.

I Maintain WordPress Websites.
I don’t only create brand-new websites. I also upgrade and maintain existing websites. I have resuscitated old and out of date websites many times before. I have also been called in to rescue websites that have been hacked due to no maintenance and no security measures. I have seen some things! Some strange back-end plugin configuration or development created by people who don’t know what they are doing – which I have managed to fix and resolved so that my clients are able to make full use of their WordPress websites.

I Create Mailchimp Newsletter Templates and Send Campaigns.
I have worked on Mailchimp for many years now. I can code up bespoke templates or create and configure drag and drop templates for customers. I can integrate your WordPress website with Mailchimp via your newsletter sign-ups, pop-ups, contact forms or e-commerce sales. I can assist you with your Mailchimp subscriber lists and creating and sending campaigns.

I Can Train You.
I offer WordPress training and will create bespoke user-guides for your website. I also offer one-on-one or small group SEO training that is tailored to your specific website and industry.

I create PDF Flyers.
I create branded PDF flyers for printing or electronic communication. I also create branded / interactive PDF documents if required.

Image / graphic editing.
I do a fair amount of graphic editing for the websites I create. Lifestyle images, backgrounds etc. I also take great care to edit all photographic material for web (reducing file size while maintaining image quality).

No I don’t. I have tried working with hourly rates but I don’t really believe in them and I struggle to make them work across the board. As such I only charge per project. Here is my reasoning for this:

1. Knowing how to produce your idea takes all my years of experience and the time taken to stay up to date with ever-changing technology. Sometimes working out special functionality can take many hours of testing and research. And sometimes the solution can take just 15 minutes. Does that mean that they are only worth 15 minutes of time? Of course not.
2. Hourly rates also mean that slow people get paid more for being slow. I’m not slow and I won’t pretend to be just to make more money.

Every brief is different. Sometimes all you need is simple editing. Maybe you need a new look & feel. A complete website overhaul. A hacked site that needs rescuing. A theme, plugin and core update could be a 20-minute job or it could reveal issues that take 3-days to resolve. Sometimes it’s a combination of the above. Because of this, the development fee that I charge for each job is based on your brief and takes into consideration the deadline, volume and scope of the work.

Have any questions about this? Let’s chat more about this.

Yes!  I will never overpromise and underdeliver. So if there’s a certain skillset that I just don’t have, I won’t pretend that I do.

For example, I will not offer  copywriting, proof-reading or copy editing for your website. You will need to provide your written content.
I do not offer any  graphic design, and although I can create and adjust basic graphics and do some photo editing I will not offer to create your logo or CI (corporate identity) for example.
I will also not offer  digital marketing such as Google ads, paid social media, off-site SEO.

For all of the above I do work closely with freelancers and a reputable agency I trust and am happy to put you in touch if that’s what you need.

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